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[CLOSED] Call of Concept Papers For Local Projects by Asian Alumni of Japanese Universities and Training Institutions for FY2017 (Deadline: Nov 14, 2016)

The submission period of concept papers has ended. Thank you for your submissions.

Download the PDF version here.

About the Support Fund for Asian* Students in Japan

The Asian Community Trust (ACT) aims to build a "Bridge of Mutual Help and Resource Sharing" in civil societies across Asia. To pursue this aim, ACT assists projects developed by local people's groups, NGOs and other civil society organizations with the purpose of improving people's quality of life in their own communities and sharing their successes with others. The areas of focus of ACT grants are as follows:

   ・ Agriculture and Rural Development
   ・ Education and Youth Development
   ・ Health and Medicine
   ・ Environmental Conservation
   ・ Cultural Preservation

In January 2012, a special fund called "Support Fund for Asian Students in Japan" was created within ACT. The fund primarily aims to: (1) improve the educational environment and promotion of understanding towards Japan of students and trainees from Asia who are currently studying in universities or training institutes in Japan (hereon referred to as "Asian students"); and (2) support activities that contribute to social development in the Asian region through the application of the knowledge and skills that former Asian students acquired in Japan to their own local communities and society as a whole.

In relation to the second objective, ACT Secretariat now welcomes concept papers for local projects by Asian alumni of Japanese universities or training institutions who currently belong to a non-profit organization. The project should be concerned with the following:

Social development activities that apply the knowledge and skills acquired by individuals who have previously studied in universities and institutions in Japan to their own local communities and society, which in turn may have an impact to Asia as a whole.

Note: The amount of a grant is up to JPY 1,500,000 for a project (approximately USD 14,400**) and may be extended up to 3 (three) years or longer, depending on the nature of the project and the results of its performance.

The ACT Secretariat evaluates funded projects at the end of each year and reserves the right to decide whether to continue the support or not for the following year.

* Countries in Asia (as defined by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)) that are eligible to apply for an ACT grant are the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) recipient countries, namely Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, East Timor, Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives, Laos, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, the Philippines, Mongolia, and Malaysia.

** Based on the Bloomberg exchange rate on October 11, 2016 (1 USD = 103.9 JPY)

How to apply

For those interested in applying, please submit a concept paper (two to three pages long in A4 size, in Microsoft WORD document (.doc/.docx) format) discussing the basic ideas and providing the basic data or information for the project under consideration.
Please provide information regarding the following items in your concept paper:

About the alumnus/former trainee: Must have studied/received training in a Japanese university or training institution (in principle, up to year 2013 or three years ago) who currently belongs to a local non-profit organization):
1. Name of the alumnus/former trainee
2. Name of the university/training institution which he/she attended in Japan and major/program, including period (dates) of training received (e.g., Asian Health Institute, 2013 International Course on Leadership for Community Health and Development participant)

About the applying organization:
3. Name of the non-profit organization
4. Name of organization's representation (Chairperson/President):
5. Organization's address, TEL/FAX number, E-mail address:
6. Organizational Information (Please attach an English brochure describing the organization's purpose and programs.)

About the project:
7. Proposed title of the project:
8. Project outline (i.e. the goals, knowledge and skills acquired in Japan and its relationship with the project, current conditions, methods of project operation, site, duration, number and nature of expected beneficiaries, expected outcomes, etc):
9. Nature of the project (i.e. Is it new or ongoing? Is it part of a larger program or an independent project?):
10. Total project cost (in local currency and Japanese yen. Please indicate exchange rate):
11. Name of staff in charge of the proposed project:

Please prepare the concept paper in English and submit it to:

Asian Community Trust (ACT) Secretariat
c/o Asian Community Center 21 (ACC21)
ABK Bldg. 1F., 2-12-13 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0021 JAPAN

Please send the concept paper either by e-mail ( or by airmail on or before November 14, 2016 (Monday).

We are looking forward to receiving your concept papers.